Michelle Wilson

Once upon a time...

Thank you, Michelle Wilson!

As Amazon’s General Counsel from 1999 to 2012, Michelle was one of the most important early contributors to Amazon’s success. Michelle is not only a top-notch lawyer, but a great business partner – someone whose business and legal judgment were valued and sought after by me and every other Amazon leader during the thirteen years we had the privilege of working with her.

Michelle practiced Amazon’s leadership principles every day. (She also helped write them!) She hired and developed the best from all over the globe and built a world class legal team. She insisted on the highest standards and held herself, and the rest of us, accountable to them. She was right a lot – much more than a lot, actually – thanks to her unerring instincts, outstanding intellect, and practical business judgment. And she always helped keep us firmly focused on doing the right thing for customers.

Michelle, on behalf of myself and everyone here at Amazon, we are deeply grateful for your many years of wise counsel and your lasting contributions. Thank you!

Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos
June 2015

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